Log Rolling Logs

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Berocca Log Rolling Lumberjacks

Despite log rolling season just around the corner I’ve been lagging behind in the log rolling department.  In the mean time check out this commercial done by fellow Men’s World Champion Roller Darren Hudson.  (Darren is the thinner of the two.)

Log Rolling and Boom Running World Titles

I have finally finished adding the complete history of log rolling and boom run world titles for both men and women. They are viewable in the history section.

1975 Log Rolling Championships

Here are the final brackets of the 1975 log rolling world championships. My favorite bracket in the document is by far the junior boys bracket. Eric Holmquist and Dan McDonough made it to the finals to battle it out with Holmquist eventually becoming the victor. (Dan McDonough would later go on to win 9 mens professional world titles. And Eric? Well he would later go on to a claim to fame that is all his own.)

1975 log rolling world championships

Log Rolling Elvis

Eric Holmquist (“Heavy Eric“) from Burnaby, BC doing a dress rehearsal of the “Log Rolling Elvis” for the 2009 Squamish Days Loggers Sports festival.

1976 ILRA Press Kit

I’m not sure how I acquired this document, but I’m glad I did.  Back when organizations still handed out press kits (at least in log rolling) the International Log Rolling Association was on top of things.  Of course back then log rolling was on regular network television and was treated as a regular sport instead of the novelty status it seems to have in this day in age.

One part of the kit that may jump out at some log rollers is the rules regarding time limits and log sizes. Back then matches started on the 17″ diameter 13′ long #1 log before progressing to the 15″ #2 log, the 14″ #3 log, and finally the 13″ #4 log (all of which were 13′ long). My question is, what happened to the 16″ log? Why skip it? Why didn’t they just downgrade the 17″ to a 16″?

Time limits, according to the press kit, “vary from 3-5 minutes.” The criteria for determining the variance in times remains a mystery to me. If anyone knows, by all means let me know. I found the variance in the time and the generally nonchalant attitude toward it to be rather amusing. I have witnessed modern day competitors go into an emotional tirade in front of the judges because the time was called a few seconds too early/late. Its amazing how inflexible we have become.

One of my favorite aspects of the press kit is the touting of the $5,000 in prizes and trophies.  The sport of log rolling apparently hasn’t heard of inflation because the amount of prize money handed out at the world championships isn’t a whole lot more than it was back then.  If the sport had simply kept up with inflation the total prize money for log rolling at the world championship would be over $20,000.  But I suppose in this day and age we should be happy to even have well-run contests, let alone prize money.  But enough of my nonsensical babbling. Go check out the file and prepare to be amazed (or amused, depending on your outlook).

1976 International Log Rolling Association Press Kit

Sean Duffy Log Rolling

I know that I’m extremely late on this, but thats OK. Sean Duffy, fellow lumberjack and newly elected congressman for Wisconsin’s 7th district put out a log rolling campaign ad during his successful run for congress. Now I’m sure most people dont care who the log rollers are. But since I’m a career log roller and an advocate of the sport I’d like to offer the individuals at least a little credit for their efforts.

Sean Duffy is obviously playing Sean Duffy
Career Politician – Dan McDonough, 9 time mens world champion
Construction Worker – Brian Duffy, 5 time mens world champion
Old Lady – Bonnie Pendleton, 7 time womens world champion
Child – ? Perhaps one of Sean Duffy’s children? (Contact me if you know)

Pieces of History

For the last few years I have been collecting bits and pieces of log rolling history. Photos, newsletters, I even have a folder full of old World Championships brackets from decades ago. For the longest time I have been planning on putting that content up here. Well, I finally got around to starting the process after dumping my old web host for one who could run file uploads properly.

Check out the Lumberjack World Championships log rolling brackets from 1974. (PDF Format)

1974 log rolling world championships brackets

After staring at the bracket for a while, I finally figured out what didn’t look right. I believe it to be a true double elimination, where losing one match does not confine one to a destiny of -at best – 3rd place. Can anyone from the era weigh in? Were they all like this? When did it change to the current format?

Updating Websites

Those who are return visitors will notice that things are changing a bit. I am finally getting around to updating the content as well as the layout to get with the times.  This change will not happen overnight however so please be patient.

In the meantime check out this funny commercial a couple of friends did for Kool Aid.   No you cannot actually log roll in those costumes. They were dangling from a crane like Steve Martin was in the movie Cheaper by the Dozen II.